Tinned Butter Beans x 2.55kg


Sold in 2.25kg tins.

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Lynne Temple
Fantastic beans

A really big tin but froze some. These beans are far superior to the tins I normally buy. These are plump rounded beans with a good texture and taste. Will definitely buy again when I eventually run out. I bought 2 tins😂

Haha! We're glad you are enjoying the beans Lynne!

Elizabeth Franks
2.55kg Butter Beans

There are only 2 of us. This is a helluva lot of Butter Beans.
My fault, I was interested to see Tinned Tomatoes and Kidney Beans available in 400g tins and made an assumption about Butter Beans without reading carefully!!!!
I hope I can store them once I have opened the can.
And yes, 400g tins would be really helpful. I understand they might not be available to you.