Optional Reservation Slot - Non refundable

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If you are not ready to place your food order but know that you would definitely want a delivery slot and time, you can follow the below instructions to claim a reservation slot, please note this is optional and just guarantees your chosen date and time. If however you want to fill your basket with your order now, there is no need to reserve a slot, please just shop the site and head to the checkout once ready.

Please note that reservations are NON REFUNDABLE and NON TRANSFERABLE between dates. We would only recommend making a reservation if you are 100% sure you can take the delivery on the chosen day and between your chosen time frames selected at checkout. (Dpd customers won't be presented with time frames)

The cost of the reservation slot will be a £30.00 upfront payment. You will receive an email shortly after paying with a discount code worth £30.00 to use against your food shop when you are ready to order. PLEASE NOTE - You must manually enter your discount code for £30 off your shopping THIS IS NOT AUTOMATICALLY DEDUCTED We cannot refund the £30 therefore it is vital you use your discount code at the checkout BEFORE paying.

This Reservation entitles you to 1 reservation date per transaction. To reserve multiple dates you need to finish one checkout first before attempting to come back to this page and then making a new order for a separate date and a separate charge of £30 and so on.

If you would like to continue please follow the below steps:

1. Add this £30.00 item in to your basket ALONE (No other items in the basket)

2. Head to the checkout and enter your postcode

3. Choose the desired date presented on the calendar followed by your preferred time slot. (DPD deliveries will not be presented with a time slot as the courier service will send out their ETA 1 day before your delivery)

4. Please continue by pressing the green Checkout button

5. You will be taken to the checkout to complete your contact and payment details, once these details have been entered continue to payment and confirm the order. £30 Will be charged to your payment details and you will be given an order number, this is your reservation order, you have now obtained a slot. (Please note that for DPD deliveries the delivery charge of £7 will be added at the checkout point. The £7 charge will be refunded if you later place items to the value of over £50.)

6. Sit back and wait for us to email with your £30 store credit code along with instructions on how to add to your order and the cut off time limits in place. It is imperative that you read the email and follow the instructions correctly.

Customer Reviews

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Rachel Richardson
Not very clear and had to contact via email

I booked the slot and paid £30. I then didn't get an email with a discount code for the £30 spent so had to chase via email. The process wasn't very clear either. There were also only Sunday delivery slots available. Lastly the ice cream was not delivered but charged so I had to email again for a refund or a request to redeliver. The refund was prompt though

Hi Rachel, an automatic email should be received - this may fall into your spam folder. We only deliver on Sundays which is why you are only seeing Sunday slots. We are unable to redeliver items unfortunately so refunds are processed for you

Ann Brooksbank
Order slot deposit

This was a good idea as I needed the delivery on that Sunday

Really pleased to hear that you found it useful!

Jane Gamble
Teething Troubles.

The reserve slot system is very clunky. There's no doubt of that. I am sure that there could be a separate page that the customer could access, rather than swinging backwards and forwards between different sections. The danger with web shopping is in companies trying to adapt new features to existing software. Sometimes a bit of a clear out is necessary! At the moment, those of us who love Delifresh and its products are gritting our teeth, but the system looks fragile to me...
Your products are still brilliant, but I think this particular area needs work!

We appreciate the feedback Jane, this is still very new and unfortunately the easiest method of providing this option without spending thousands on the website which isn't an option for us at this time.

You can find the reserve a slot on the home page by clicking down on the tab, the rest of the process is the same as carrying out an order addition when you are compiling your order. However, we do have lots of delivery slots available so this isn't a necessary thing to do unless you really want to.

Thank you

Timothy Roche
Great apart from the tomatoes!

Mostly very pleased: ordered queen scallops as a special treat: there were 18 which provided a generous and delicious starter for 4 people. Everything was very fresh, apart from a punnet of tomatoes, which were clearly overripe - a number of them had "collapsed" for want of a better word: there was no "best before" date on them, which helps neither sender or consumer, I suppose. Having just read the comments by Ann 04/06/2021, I agree with her that the reservation slot system is definitely "a bit clunky", but accept that it may take some time to perfect.

Pleased to hear that you enjoyed the scallops, sorry to hear about the tomatoes we will place extra checks in for these and pass your feedback onto the supplier.

The reservation slot is new but also not necessary unless you're unsure of what you want at the time - our site has plenty of delivery slots available so should you do not have to use this if you don't want to :)

Hazel Sutcliffel

I don’t understand this system at all I contacted your customer care department and received a response that left me even more confused and belittled.

The reserve slot is an option available for those who want to place an order but aren't sure what they want at that moment in time, to do this it is a £30 charge. We then send a discount code through email with instructions, these instructions are also in the product description.

To do this you choose the delivery date you would like to reserve a slot for, pay the £30, receive your email with discount code. When you are ready to place your order, you do this as usual and put the code in at the checkout to claim the £30 back that you have pre-paid for the slot. Hope this helps :)