Order Additions - Please see cut off times below

400.0 kg

If you want to add items to an order already placed with Mydelifresh, please physically add this £0.00 order additions item into your basket along with the other items you require.

When you come to checkout, please select the Order Additions tab and select your ORIGINAL order delivery date to move through to the payment screen.

Failure to add this item into your basket will mean you generate a new order with charges

**You can keep making as many additions as you like up to the cut off time**

** CUT OFF DATE The cut off date will always be the Wednesday prior to your Sunday or Monday delivery, the time will be MIDNIGHT 00:00** 

Any additional items placed through this procedure which don't sync with original orders or that come through out of the time frames will not be added and will be refunded to your original payment method. 

Customer Reviews

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On the ball

I like the order additions now I have mastered the concept . Emailed the approx time of delivery. Spot on time. Very charming and helpful driver. A pleasure doing business with you. I now have to figure out the rewards system.

Really pleased to hear you find it useful, feel free to email or live chat if you need help

Great Service

Great service.on time and kept up to date on deliver all along the way right down to the time the courier delivered .can’t fault it!

Thank you very much!


handy enough option but could be made more simple, like me

Excellent Option

I have now sorted out how to use Order Additions!! This is a really useful option as quite often I do my order and then remember something I have forgotten, but now I am able to add extra items on. Like everything at Delifresh this is a great product,

Great news! Really pleased to hear you find it useful :) Thank you!

Can't understand how to use additions,

I have tried to use additions this week and can not understand how to do this. When I click on additions there is no button to press to allow me to get the products I want to add. Also I find that I can't get to my order to print it out before delivery. I love your products but ordering and adding is difficult.

Hi, we have a video tutorial, instructions on the site and a chat option if you are struggling with anything. To print an order you will need to do this from your email confirmation with all of the products in :)

To use order additions: add the order additions into your basket, then shop as normal for any of the products you want to add and follow the instructions at checkout :)

Hope this helps :)