Order Additions

400.0 kg

If you want to add items to an order already placed with Mydelifresh, please add this order additions item into your basket along with the other items you require.

When you come to checkout, please select the Order Additions tab and select your ORIGINAL order delivery date to move through to the payment screen.

Failure to add this item into your basket will mean you generate a new order with charges

**Please Note** 48 Hours is required to place additional items before your delivery date - Also the same registered email address must be used through the checkout.

Any additional items placed through this procedure which don't sync with original orders will be refunded along with any additions of fresh meat and not delivered.

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
A useful option

It’s great to be able to add things you’ve forgotten- there’s always something! However, sometimes I can’t find my original delivery date on the calendar, which is frustrating.

Pleased to hear you find it useful, not sure why that's happening we would need to look into that

Order additions

This was a great feature and it would be
useful to have all year round

Glad you like it :) The additions have been in place since around May, it is always available to use :)

Christmas veg etc

Christmas Eve delivery of fresh fruit, vegetables and cheeses. And the most tender and tasty boneless leg of lamb ever! Superb quality and minimal packaging. Highly recommended

Pleased to hear you were happy with your order June!

Convenient and easy

Always forget something or neighbough makes a request . Very easy to apply

Glad you've found it useful!

Worked well

Because our order went in quite early, this feature was a godsend. I thought it must be a bit complicated because of the video explaining the system, as well as instructions in an email, but it was really quite easy and worked!!
I could have done with taking some items out too, since we didn't have the expected visitors!! Brilliant service. Thank you.