Yoghurt Greek style Pots: 12 x 115g


These are small individual pots of yoghurt that are of a Greek style flavour

Sold as a multipack.

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Aitch Jay
Versatile & Value for Money

We have bought these a couple of times. They are really tasty, good for use in cooking as well. We like them with other desserts & puddings, with fruit, or with a dollop of honey, or just on their own. Great value for money too so definitely worth trying.

Pleased to hear that you are happy with these!

Jane Munro
Short Use By Date

Delicious but use by date was the day they were delivered! Hardly ideal for a retail customer!

Really sorry to hear this, our minimum shelf life is actually 4 days so if you ever receive something like this please get in touch with us to let us know and resolve this

Good value yoghurt

Handy pots with a LONG sell-by date. Classed as live yoghurt but no indication of which live bacteria are included. Ideal to use for overnight muesli soaking or a quick snack

Amazing news, really pleased to hear you enjoyed it, you can email us if you'd like any additional information and we can contact the supplier for you :)

Lovely creamy yogurt

These are beautiful yogurts by Littletown Dairy, 4.7g fat so very creamy but healthier than the Yamas at 10g fat ( don’t get me wrong, I love the Yamas and use it instead of cream on fruit & crumbles). These have a good date on them - we had 13 days, they are larger than shown on the website being 150g not 115g, and are LIVE yogurts- always a bonus. So 1.8kg of natural live yogurt for £3.36 — what’s not to like?

Pleased to hear that you enjoyed them :)

greek yogurt

Very creamy and good use by dates.

Pleased to hear that you enjoyed them :)