Melon, Galia x each


A medium sized round melon with a textured lemon skin which hides a fleshy pale white and lime inner melon light sweet taste boads well as a dessert or a side with charcuterie 

Sold individually.

Customer Reviews

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Clare Jackson
Fine but on small side for price.


Thanks for the feedback

Jenny Thompson
Galia melon

You can't go wrong with these juicy refreshing melons. Always reliable and I would strongly recommend.

Pleased to hear you enjoy these melons!

Margaret Young
Fresh fruit

Excellent quality we have had regular orders, always good quality, nice drivers and on time

That's great news, thank you Margaret!

Lovely ripe melon

Fresh tasting melon. We cut into slices and snack on it. Really good quality

Pleased to hear you enjoyed it!

Rascals Mum
Very small

This is the third Gala Melon I have ordered; each one has been good in flavour. The issue is the great variation in size, I appreciate that they will not be the same size but the first one was a little small, the second was a reasonable size but this latest one is exceptionally small, barely enough for one person. Disappointing as I wanted it to serve 2 people with the delicious Serrano Ham.


Our melons vary in size due to the nature of the crops, the melons size are greatly affected by things such as temperature during growth, this may mean some are smaller or larger in size and this can change quite dramatically. Sorry that you found the recent melon too small. Hopefully the next will be larger again :)