Yeast, Fresh x 1kg


Sold in 1kg pack. 

This product will have a shelf life max of 28 days from date of packing, provided storage conditions are adhered to. 

The specification sheet does not contain knowingly allergens or added ingredients'.

Customer Reviews

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Works well.

I’ve been purchasing this yeast for many months and I’ve always been so pleased with the product. It makes all the difference when making bread and I’d recommend it to everyone.

Pleased to hear that you have been happy with it over the months!

Excellent yeast

What can I say other than it works a treat in bread and was relatively easy to divide up into portions to freeze. Great price.

Pleased to hear that you were happy with it!


Half of the yeast was frozen in small packets, using a tip from one of the flour mill sites - mix 12g fresh yeast into 30g bread flour until breadcrumbed (like you're rubbing butter into flour), then freeze. The other 500g went in the fridge, and is almost finished now, about a month after purchase. I wrapped it in fresh parchment paper, and put it in an airtight container. Apart from one change of parchment paper when the first one got too soggy, the fresh yeast has sat in the fridge and come to no harm. It really does last well. So, so nice to finally have access to fresh yeast again, years (decades?) after it disappeared from the shops.Tea cakes, flatbreads, cinnamon buns, foccacias, crispy pizzas, loaves, baps... and most of these freeze beautifully. 1kg is a lot of yeast, however it is manageable, and the results are a joy.

Amazing value!

So cheap for such a huge quantity of fresh yeast! A tiny amount made a huge loaf. Ended up giving lots away last time but will freeze some this time!

Such a difference to dry yeast

I started making bread by hand when we started isolating due to covid-19. I’ve made some lovely loaves using dried yeast and was a bit scared of trying fresh, I have been pleasantly surprised. The bread tastes and smells lovely, it rises very well and baked perfectly. I’m converted, only problem is my hubby & son love it so I’m up to 5 loaves a week now. Never going back to shop bought bread.