Extra Virgin Olive Oil x 5 litre


A high quality olive oil with a full and distinctive flavour, extracted by the pressing of specially selected top quality olives.

Ideal for salad dressings, dipping, drizzling and marinades.

Sold in 5 litre bottles.


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that's ma goil

ah, me's Olive! sweet, slightly floral refined flavour. a rare beast as it works well for lightly roasting/baking/grilling and also for dressing salads etc. yes, 5 litre could be a gamble, but at twice the price this would still be a winner. love it, nearly as much as Grand Brahis, but that is ten times the price!

Really pleased to hear that you were so happy with it!


Before I bought this gigantic bottle of oil, I checked out the reviews. Most were very good and I was happy enough to go ahead with a purchase. However, I read a review from someone who said that 'true' extra virgin olive oil solidified in cold temperatures, and this reviewer reckoned that this oil did not solidify. When this arrived it had clearly been stored in cold temperatures, and low and behold it arrived near enough solid. In fact it took a full 24 hours in ambient temperature to become a pourable oil.

And it is a beautiful tasting oil, I have used it both for cooking and eating/drizzling. If I am still alive when I finish this massive bottle then I will DEFINITELY buy it again. In fact, I may buy some pretty bottles and decant some into with flavorings and give as presents to my family and friends who love cooking.

Really pleased to hear that you were happy with it! That's fantastic news! Little bottles to decant in are a great idea, you could also flavour them!

extra virgin olive oil

Well worth the money good quality.

Pleased to hear that you've been happy with it!

Excellent product

Highly recommended EVO. Italian Chef here, so I know my facts! :)

Pleased to hear that you were happy with it!

Excellent service

We are really happy for all items ☺️very fresh and quality
Thank you

Thank you so much, really pleased to hear you were happy with your order!