Dried Fruit, Apricots (Bulk Pack) x 1kg


Apricots are a richly nutritious, very alkaline food with lots of fibre to boot. Their unforgettable floral aroma is suited to huge range of delicious desserts and sweet snacks - but also classic savoury meals: Moroccan stews and spiced Indian rice rishes to name but two. Last but not least, these precious dried apricots also make an excellent jam.

Sold in 1kg packs.

Customer Reviews

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Sharon Boughey
Apricots that weren't

Would love to say something positive about these but can't as got someone else's box containing Chinese ingredients and they couldn't re-deliver my items ☹️

Sorry to hear this Sharon

Derek Ormrod
Part of 5 a day

Lovely try them with a piece of dark chocolate

Really pleased to hear you enjoy them, wow that sounds interesting!

Sandra Longridge
Plump and succulent

These apricots are dried but not dried out. They are plump and succulent and flavourful and not at all like some you can buy that are shrivelled and tasteless

Thank you very much Sandra!

Jane Aitchison
Delicious dried apricots

Delicious and such good value

Thank you :)

Tasty juicy

These are great for making our own fruit and nut snacks. Very juicy and taste great

Amazing news, thank you Pam!