Biscuits, Peter's Yard Mixed Pack x 265g


Spelt & Poppy Seed complements the flavour of a mild crumbly cheese like Caerphilly while Charcoal & Rye pairs beautifully with soft cheeses such as goat’s cheese or a ripe Brie. The Original recipe is the perfect partner for any cheese. The Great Taste Award judges awarded it 3 stars and described it as “the best biscuit for cheese out there”.

Selection Box with 3 recipes and shapes of small sized crispbread in individually wrapped trays (365g). These crackers pair well with any cheese, while Rye & Charcoal works beautifully with soft cheeses such as a goat’s or ripe Brie. Poppy Seed complements the flavour of a mild crumbly cheese.

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Use by date

Had some cheese bombs delivered on the 7th April for presents. Disappointed in the short 'use by' date. Had some myself as a present at Christmas the date was into February. The date on the cheese I received is 19 April which is less than a fortnight. Luckily the recipient did not mind and her birthday is today 19th April! Not everyone buys cheese to use so quickly particularly if it is a present.

Sorry to hear this, please make sure you get in touch with us if you would like to discuss this and we'll be happy to look into it for you

A change from ordinary crackers

I tried these as an alternative to my usual cream crackers. They are lovely for a change. Very crisp. Taste good with just butter on or with cheese. I eat a lot of crackers and I would buy these again. I have also been buying your big box of Jacobs crackers which are also yummy.

Pleased to hear you enjoy them :)


Just opened the packet - deliciously thin and crispy

Great news!

Superb biscuits for cheese!

Wonderful assortment of fabulously thin and crisp biscuits for cheese and also simply delicious just with butter - so pleased that we ordered them!

Thank you very much Sally, glad you loved them!

Peters Yard crackers

Really crisp and delicious crackers. It's so good to have a variety, rather than one same old packet of same old crackers.

Really pleased to hear you enjoyed them Louise :)