Chicken Fillets UK, (BULK PACK) 200/220g x 5kg

£28.95 £32.95

A massive pack of chicken perfect for the whole family.

If you like chicken this bulk pack is amazing value and perfect for all your dinners for the week ahead.

5kg packs at 200/220g per breast.


Product from the UK - please note this chicken is not free range.


Customer Reviews

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Martin David
Excellent value

2nd purchase. The fillets are very tasty. Large, I strip the goujons off to make an extra couple of meals and unlike supermarket fillets there's no shrinkage when cooked

Fantastic news :)

Richard Dennis
Would like locally sourced meat

Quality good, but fillet has been taken out. Origin Poland. Would prefer to pay slightly more if they were if they were British. Not as good as previously ordered.

The chicken should be British we will check with the supplier - thanks for the feedback

Lisa OReilly
Chicken fillets

Took ages to cut round all the white bits and bloody bits. Surprising how much I had to bin

Sorry to hear that Lisa!

Sally Taylor
Chicken bull buy

This is so lovely and fresh and such a good buy

Really pleased to hear you've been happy with it!

Cathrine Brown
Top Quality Chicken Fillets !!

Thick and firm Chicken Fillets, beautiful and moist when baked.
Delicious ĺ and the opportunity to buy in bulk is fantastic.

Fantastic news, really pleased to hear that you enjoyed them!