Big K Charcoal x 10kg **£25.20 inc VAT**


These are chef grade charcoal briquettes - They burn for a LONG time and bring great heat

Sold in a 10kg case

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Ant Chippendale

Bought these a few times and they're great! Just a question though, since they are hollow/have a hole through the middle, should I be standing them up vertically to allow air to flow through the middle? Or does it not matter?

Really pleased to hear that you are happy with them!

They can be used either way :)

roxana STOICA
Great bbq !

For those reluctant to use briquettes , these are not the usual burnt smelly smoky briquettes, they light up nicely and keep their temperature higher than limp wood, for all the bbq pros out there , my husband and i thoroughly recommend! Now , if somebody has a recommendation on how to cook the Delifresh smoked ribs on bbq, i’m listening...

Thank you Roxana! The ribs cook for around 40-50 minutes in the oven so they would take a similar sort of time on the BBQ :)

Lesley Crampton
Excellent charcoal

Good quality charcoal, recommended from a chef, not disappointed, very hot and Long burning

It's fantastic stuff, we love it! Glad you liked it too!

Helen Wilcock
Great Charcoal

Long burning, minimal smoke, excellent BBQ coal

Jane J
A good thing to have in for when you next barbecue!!

Burns for a long time at very hot heat - it gave us an excellent barbecue!