Ice Cream, Northern Bloc, Madagascan Vanilla x 500ml-*£3.58 INC VAT* *Dated 29/09*

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Vanilla doesn't get better than this. Real Madagascan Bourbon vanilla beans. Creamy ice cream. What else do you need?

*£3.58 INC VAT*

*Sold in 500ml tubs.

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This is my second tub - thought I would try a different flavour and one that is versatile enough to serve with most puddings as well as buy itself. In the end it got nowhere near the rhubarb and ginger tart I made to accompany it. When I went to get it out of the freezer there was simply a spoonful left for me. Others liked it to much during the day! I would definitely buy again as I would the vanilla and ginger flavour which I previously bought and managed to keep to myself and husband. That was the real tops!

Really pleased to hear that it was enjoyed!

Real ice cream


Mad Vanilla Ice Cream - it's a delicious luxury for us

We have tried several flavours of the Northern Bloc Ice cream and the Mag Vanilla Ice Cream is my favourite and my husband enjoys the Chocolate and Sea Salt. To night we treated ourselves and had some Ice Cream with the Cotswold Pudding Company Sticky Toffee and Toasted Pecan Nut Pudding. Both were delicious and were our treat for the week. As January is often a dismal month and life at the moment seems so uncertain and bleak a treat to look forward too and enjoy lifts our spirits.

Really pleased to hear you love it! That sounds like a great combo! Completely understandable but glad the ice cream and puddings helps to lift your spirits! Hopefully this won't continue for too much longer :)


The best ice cream I’ve ever tasted.

Ice cream in winter

First time I have bought, have been looking for a locally produced ice cream. This ticks all the boxes, creamy and lovely taste of fresh vanilla. Looking forward to tasting other flavours.

Fantastic news, really pleased to hear you were happy with it. Hopefully you'll like the other flavours just as much!