Cinnamon (Cassia) Sticks x 300g


Warming cinnamon spice perfectly complements both sweet and savoury dishes. If they're not infusing a bubbling pot of stew, our cinnamon sticks are the perfect warming stirrer for a steaming mug of hot chocolate or mulled wine.

Sold in a 300g tub.

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Not Cinnamon

This is Cassia not Cinnamon. Nowhere on the packaging does it describe this as Cinnamon.

Cinnamon typically costs three time as much per kg as Cassia so this difference is significant.

They are similar but different products and the description is misleading. Cassia has a stronger taste and is less well suited to sweet recipes. There are also some concerns about over-consumption of Cassia due to a chemical it contains which is not present in Cinnamon.

It also says in the product name and ingredients before you buy the product.

Cassia bark

This is sold as cinnamon stick, so not for those expecting the neat roll of cinnamon. This is the rustic cinnamon bark favoured by Indian cooks. A great big bag for a reasonable price. Use in exactly the same way as cinnamon sticks and the flavour is great for a fraction of the price of cinnamon sticks.

You will have been sent bark as the sticks were out of stock, we do sell the rolled sticks :) However we do also sell the bark too

Cinnamon sticks. 300g

Bought these to use in xmas decorations and also to cook with. Looking forward to cooking with them and adding them to recipes.

Great idea! Hope you make some lovely things with them!

Great value

I haven’t used them yet but they are great value. I’m planning lots of festive cinnamon recipes for the coming autumn and Christmas periods.

Pleased to hear you found them good value, love that!