Puy & Green Lentils Ready to Eat x 600g

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These tasty?álentils?áhave a delicate, slightly peppery flavour, and were grown in Le?áPuy-en-Velay, in France. They've been simply cooked with water, onion, bay leaf and a dash of olive oil, and are a fantastic base for summery salads.

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Great product

I got these to make a vegetarian bolognese sauce to add volume and they really did a good job

Fantastic news!

A good source of protein for Vegetarians

These Puy lentils are so easy to use. They can be boiled for ten minutes. Whilst they are boiling I fry up onions, mushrooms, and add whatever other cooked vegetables I might have left from the day before e.g. carrots, spinach, or cabbage and put everything in together with tinned tomatoes, herbs, salt and pepper. I then put a topping of creamy potato, with grated cheese on top and put it all in the oven to bake for 30 minutes. They make a wonderful base for Shepherd's Pie, or a splendid sauce to accompany pasta or I even put the mixture in a pie which, to me, me makes a veggie equivalent of a meat pie. These packets of Puy lentils have a variety of uses.

Really pleased to hear you were happy with them, awesome to hear different recipes for others to try! Thank you!

Excellent product. Great value for money

Another typical dish from the Cetral Mountain Range of France. Perfect with shallots and Gamon.

Sounds lovely!

No Puy lentils

Unfortunately the Puy lentils were missing from ourdelivery, and I believe we have been charged for them. Please advise.

Hi Robert, if these said they were unavailable then the refund will be automatic. However it is best to email us with any issues you may have with your delivery in order for us to be made aware of them and resolve this :)