Sugar, Light Brown x 3kg


This light, soft brown sugar is a classic essential cooking ingredient. It's perfect for sweetening food of all kinds, from puddings, tarts and cakes, sweet treats and baked goods right through to hot and cold beverages like tea, coffee, milkshakes and fizzy drinks.

Sold in 3kg bags.

Customer Reviews

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Love my brown sugar great for my baking.

Usually have a large bag ( we use a lot of this sugar in our family ) but this week we were sent the equivalent in smaller bags but that’s not a problem just glad that someone had the foresight to do this instead of just saying they didn’t have the size I ordered.So thank you.

We have now swapped to 6x smaller bags I believe :) Pleased to hear you were happy with it!


Glad in smaller bags but well worth it considering how much I use in cooking I’m saving a fortune

Glad you were happy with it Angela :)

I was expecting a huge 3kg bag

(which I didn't really want, 1kg would have been enough, but I'm happy to buy in bulk when it saves money) but it arrived in 6 small packets, so much easier to deal with. Just made mincemeat for mince pies with it, so looking forward to tasting it

Pleased to hear you were happy with the packaging :) We hope you enjoyed the mince pies!

Excellent value, good brand.

Much cheaper than buying from supermarkets and excellent for enthusiastic bakers.

Pleased to hear that you were happy with the sugar!

Good brand, perfect for baking

Huge bag but a proper brand, this is perfect for baking and much cheaper than buying from the supermarkets.

Really happy to hear that you've been happy with the sugar and the price too!