Chocolate, Callebaut Bitter Pellets x 400g


One of the authentic recipes by Octaaf Callebaut that has grown into an iconic Callebaut recipe worldwide. Like all Finest Belgian Chocolates, it is made from their signature Wieze blend. Whole bean roasting guarantees its full-bodied taste, solid cocoa body and fine, fruity notes.
This master in balance pairs perfectly with a wide variety of ingredients and works in all applications ranging from confectionery to biscuits, sauces and drinks.
For great end results every time.

Sold in a 400g bag.

Customer Reviews

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These are so handy to have in for desserts and cakes, but I just like a few after dinner to take away the sweet craving. Really good quality and price

Pleased to hear you've been happy with them!

Chocolate Callebaut bitter pellets

As a lover of chocolate with a high cocoa mass content I was not disappointed with these pellets, which have a 71.5% cocoa mass. I like to eat them at the end of a meal..just pop a few in a ramekin... and they will be good to serve to guests that way. They will also be very useful when good chocolate is needed for cooking, as no need to expend time and energy in cutting up a slab of chocolate as these will melt easily.

Really pleased to hear that you were happy with them! Can't go wrong with that! Great idea, thank you very much for your lovely review :)