Curry Sauce, Chettinad Sauce from Curry Cuisine x 500g


Chettinad - A South Indian spicy sauce made with coconut milk and tomatoes, gives it a different texture with distinctive flavors of Fennel and black pepper giving it that kick at the end.

Hand made by our good friends this could be the best curry sauce you ever taste


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Best curry sauce ever!!

This is by far the best curry sauce ever! I've tried loads in the past and this is the tastiest and easiest sauce I've come across. Simple good ingredients with no added flour or other thickening agents. Excellent!! I'm looking forward to trying the Bengali sauce next.

Wow thank you so much! We hope you love the Bengali sauce just as much!

Aitch Jay
One of the best ready made sauces

This is one of the best ready made sauces. We had it with chicken and didn’t find it too spicy, but we eat a lot of varied curries so are probably used to the slightly hotter ones. I’ll be buying again for the times I can’t be bothered to make from scratch!

Really pleased to hear you love this sauce!

Great taste.

I usually buy tomato based curry sauces, but thought I would try this for a change. I was not disappointed as it tasted so good. I added chicken and vegetables and ate it along with the garlic & coriander naan bread from Delifresh. We ate large portions, so it only served three, but realistically more than enough for the four servings it stated on the jar.
I have already bought another jar.

Really pleased to hear you enjoyed it!

Robert Pell
Creamy Masala but hotter than expected

Really easy to use. I did some wedged onions in ghee and added cauliflower pieces and chicken thighs before adding the sauce. More than enough sauce for 4 people so didn’t need to add further liquid. That said, had we known this particular Masala sauce was so spicy I would have added some coconut milk or yoghurt to tame it down.

Great news! Sounds lovely :) You could potentially do a 50/50 mix with coconut milk if you prefer it milder :)