Orchard Apple Chutney x 1kg

1.0 kg

Add this to your cheese platter for a fruity flavour that will not disappoint! Sold in 1kg pots, perfect for a party size platter!

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Heavenly taste

This has to be the tastiest and most versatile chutney goes so well with pork and cold meat and cheese i thoroughly recommend to everyone

Really pleased to hear that you enjoyed the chutney!

All round chutney

Goes so well with cold meats and cheese and with roadt pork and fantastic as a marinade.i have just ordered another kg and will be back for more

Thank you very much Andy, pleased to hear you enjoyed it!

1kg carton of orchard apple chutney

This is an excellent chutney, very thick consistency in the tub and a definite sweet taste compared with the well known Branston chutney/pickle, closer in taste to a sweet mango chutney than to Branston

.Being quite old now I have tried many of the chutneys on sale in the shops over many years and feel I know a good one and I often make my own form my garden apples and plums ......... My two favourites to buy are the well known Branston pickle and mango. The Branston is a vinegary one while mango tends to sweeter side, As above this particular Orchard Apple chutney is of the sweet kind, not vinegary, and on a dry biscuit taste not far away from a apple jam. If you were to think it was too sweet it is so thick to allow addition of a small amount of vinegar to suit your taste and still retain a good consistency which I tried, however as supplied I rate this as an excellent chutney 5/5 rating and will be buying again

Thank you very much, that's lovely to read! You must be quite the connoisseur!

Delicious chutney

Will definitely buy again - quite sweet, but we like it that way!