Smooth Pate, Chicken Liver x 500g


Do you want to know a secret? 99% of all restaurants don't make their own pate - they get it from places like us!?á

So now you can get your own restaurant quality pate and enjoy it from the comfort of your own home! Great value for money and can be frozen to save for later!?á

Chicken liver parfait sold in a 500g tub.

Customer Reviews

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Aarren Mowle
Restaurant quality!!!

Really smooth and creamy. Works great with toast or crackers. Pairs well with chutneys such as caramelised onion or apple. Much better than the standard stuff from a supermarket.

Really pleased to hear that you enjoy it!

Alan Latham

Been looking for this in the supermarket and not found anything decent. This one is great, lots of flavour (I eat it with a toasted slice of the tomato bread, with a bit of rocket and onion jam) It's quite a lot of pate though, maybe 8-10 starter servings. I'll be buying it again.

Really pleased to hear you enjoyed it! That's great news!

David Geddes
You must try this

Omg i must say this pate is the best i have ever had you must try it. I ate 3rd or the tub the other 2/3rds is in the freezer cut up into 4 slices

Wow thank you David!

Maggie Gothard
Chicken Liver Smooth Pate...Chef's Quality

This smooth chicken liver pate tastes absolutely delicious. We tried it on small squares of our home made bread, and the next day had it on Peter's Yard sourdough crackers. It is of very high standard, just like you would expect to receive as a starter in a gourmet food establishment. You can really taste the herbs and port...which give it a full flavour that is not too strong. The smooth texture is not gooey, but melts satisfyingly on the tongue as you savour every morsel.
One third of the tub lasted two of us for three is recommended to be kept for three days in a fridge. The other two thirds were separated out on arrival and have been frozen for future enjoyment.

Really pleased to hear you enjoyed it! We also sell this to our chefs so it's very possible it gets used for starters too!

Thank you for your lovely feedback :)

Helen S
Delicious Pate

Lovely texture and flavour - perfect with toast for a quick lunch or poshed up with some nice caramelised onion chutney for a starter course.