Cheese, Lancashire Bomb x 454g

0.454 kg

Sold in 454g wax bombs.


The Lancashire Bomb is a handmade cheese, matured for +24 months which gives it a strong yet very creamy flavour. It comes in a black wax coat which is the reason for its name.

Customer Reviews

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Very tasty! Will definitely buy again!!

Great news!

Fabulous cheese

Very creamy and tasty cheese bomb

Great news, thank you Anita!

Different taste than expected

I have long been a fan of the Lancashire Bomb cheese but this time I was taken by surprize and slightly disappointed. It didnt' taste the same and somewhat unexpectedly it had a metallic tang and was not as crumbly as the last one I had. It may have been a different dairy that is if than one dairy produces it. Nevertheless it wasn't enough to stop me buying it again but if I am honest not as nice as the previous ones I have had when living on the Lancashire borders. However I am pleased you are stocking it.

Sorry to hear you were a little disappointed, it is Sandham's that produce this one :) Thank you very much for letting us know your thoughts :)

Amazing Stuff!

I adore Lancashire cheese and this is the best I've ever tasted. It's so creamy and rich. The mouth feel is second to none. The flavour is well-balanced, so it tastes great all by itself or paired with anything tangy. I reckon it would make an incredible sauce, but it's never lasted long enough in our house to try it.

Pleased to hear that you enjoyed the cheese! Oh no, you'll have to try it sometime!

Seriouslt yummy

Lovely creamy but tangy cheese that went very well in cheesy scrambled eggs. I'm going to find it difficult to limit myself to the amount allowed on Slimming World!

Glad to hear you enjoyed the cheese Anne! Oh no! Have it as a treat!