Bread, Naan, Garlic & Coriander x large 2 pack


Made in Leicester this Tear Drop shaped plain Naan Bread is predominantly used as an accompaniment with curries and kebabs.

Sold in pack of 2. Approx 360g total

Customer Reviews

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Simply amazing

These garlic & corriander naan breads are wonderful! I could not believe how big each naan was when they arrived. Cooked well and tasted so good. I have already re-ordered.

Thank you very much Lisa! They're very large naans!

daddy of naaaaaaaan

Now then , every time I bash out a lamb or chicken curry at home the disappointing bit was the packet naan bread,no matter what i did as a michelin trained chef could i revive this stodge,rehydrate it,massage in ghee,nothing, last thing i want to do is by a tandoor oven and make it myself, there is a line !!!!
So last order I see these on deli ,I'm like ok worth a punt!!!
Good god!! the most unbelievable packet naan I've ever had ,warmed the pizza stone up, smacked the fan grille on tornado ,drizzle the olive , 3 mins wallop , i made a big mistake tho , i cut it in half , first bite , i launched the other half in and destroyed both , seriously if you like to dip your sauce , stock up, there will be none left !!!!

Really pleased to hear you loved them, we think they're amazing!

Saves all of the time and effort of making your own too!