Fennel Bulb x each


Fennel is crunchy and slightly sweet, adding a refreshing contribution to the ever popular Mediterranean cuisine. Most often associated with Italian cooking, be sure to add this to your selection of fresh vegetables from the autumn through early spring when it is readily available and at its best.

Fennel is composed of a white or pale green bulb from which closely superimposed stalks are arranged. The stalks are topped with feathery green leaves near which flowers grow and produce fennel seeds. The bulb, stalk, leaves and seeds are all edible. Fennel belongs to the Umbellifereae family and is therefore closely related to parsley, carrots, dill and coriander.

Sold individually.

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Fennels from Heaven

I nearly cried when I saw these - tears of joy I might add, I have had such difficulty in getting hold of these from the supermarkets, and these are such a generous size and quality, I believe that Fennel Gratins are now a possibility.

So pleased to hear that you were happy to find them! Awesome!


Fennel is a regular ingredient for my favourite dish 'chorizo and fennel risotto' if you haven't tried it, have a go! its a great vegetable to get in and easily added to stews or salads, a really versatile veg.

Sounds like a beautiful risotto! Thank you for sharing the idea! Feel free to post a picture and your recipe on our facebook page or in an email for us to share for you :)

Perfect fennel

You know how are you see beautiful photographs of vegetables in magazines and wonder where on earth they found them? Well now I know: deli fresh!

Excellent quality Fennel

Just Tried this for the first time from Delifresh and it is super size and quality. Very fresh and far better than than I buy from my local market (when I can get it). Fantastic.

Best quality

Good quality fennel is difficult to buy in UK supermarkets. The fennel from Delifresh reminds me of buying fennel in Italy. Good size bulbs, fresh & tasty. It also lasted longer than supermarket fennel. Won't buy it from anywhere else in future.