Padron Peppers x 200g


These Padron Chill Peppers pack a blast of heat to spice up your meal! Cook these until they begin to blister, and you can see a browning develop on the skins.

Sold in 200g packs.

Customer Reviews

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Rubina Galiara

Good quality peppers

David Sutcliffe
Great Peppers

The Padron peppers are absolutely the best.

Really pleased to hear that you enjoyed them!


Nice and fresh.

Pleased to hear it, thank you!

Caroline Smart

Made some stuffed Padron peppers, with mild blue cheese, mature cheddar , ricotta, and parmesan. I made up some cous cous and added garlic fresh chilli a little smoked paprika With a variety of herbs, and baked them in a hot oven for 20 mins or until the skins have browned/charred This is such a high quality item, that the flavour was not lost at all, but was complemented . They are fabulous

Love this! Thanks so much for sharing what you did with the peppers, it's really useful for others! Glad you enjoyed the peppers :)

Rascals Mum
Very Good

We could have been in Spain, these peppers were flavoursome and of good quality. I just rubbed on a drop of olive oil, charred them on a griddled, sprinkled on sea salt and they were devoured within minutes. The sun shone also which was an added bonus and helped to transport our thoughts to relaxing in Spain, something we could all do with at the moment. I will definitely buy again.

Wow this is amazing, thank you so much for this lovely review and we're so happy to hear we could reignite such lovely memories with our produce!