Apples, Kissabel x each


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Kissabel is the perfect partner that links taste and well-being. It offers vitality and health for everyday life. Healthy because full of antioxidants. Unique taste with hints of berry for an exceptional eating experience. Pink or Red Flesh : each apple is unique and offers a new sensation.

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This is a new variety for me and what a treat. Crispy, juicy, with a great flavour, almost a hint of berries, or wine to the flavour. I hope Kissabel has a long season.

<p>Really pleased to hear that you enjoyed the Kissabel apples, it's great to try new products. They definitely have an interesting flavour, the season for these is very short unfortunately but don't worry we may be stocking kissabel juice soon!</p>

Weird and wonderful.

It really does look like the picture, which is weird. Husband said it looked like he was eating it with bleeding gums but he liked it very much. Good sized apple, very juicy and slightly tangy. Would get again.

They're definitely different but they're amazing apples! Pleased to hear that you enjoyed them!