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Wayyyy too addictive

Seriously need to reconsider when ordering these.....but no!,! I know in the diet world these are a no no but I really have to just pull up my northern breeches and insist to keeping my one ( maybe)☝️ diet breaker!! Naaah then - these are a keeper!!!

Amazing delicious Salmon

Second time we've ordered and did not disappoint. Delicious!!

Not tried yet

The joint looked beautiful but we froze it and haven't tried it yet.

Will buy again

Lovely thick steaks, juicy, tender and tasty. We ate three and froze two!

Bratli, lovely

Makes one divine tiramisu with van gluten cocoa powder and lady finger from this place


Succulent, tasty and great value. Will become a favourite as it's so versatile.

Right enjoyed these

Best part of the whole Christmas Dinner for me sprouts are, and these ones did not disappoint. Just so sad they are only around at Christmas because I love them so much!

Lovely stuffing

We used this versatile stuffing for stuffing balls, stuffing the chicken and for the veggies made a bit roast Wellington with this stuffing as the main ingredient. It works so well, lovely consistency and just the right amount of herby flavour. Bag gonna last us ages as even with all of the above (we made 2 but roasts!) we still have half a bag left. Fab stuff for veggies and meat eaters alike.

Proper good houmous

I take a pot of this to work with me at the start of the week, then just take veggies like celery, carrots and cucumbers to dip into it as a break time snack every day, and I love it! So tasty, just right amount of tangy. Lasts really well in the fridge, good size pot.

My fave yoghurts ever

I basically lived off these yoghurts when I was a kid, and still adore them now I'm in my 30s! I love the natural sourness and real fruit bits. I just love them, breakfast, lunch, snacks, dessert, whenever. Any flavour haha.

Enjoyed as an ingredient

We enjoy these cashews put into stir fries and salads, just add a nice bit of bite and subtle flavour.

Great value great taste!

These chilli flakes are so flavourful and surprisingly spicy! They add a delightful kick to anything - pasta dishes, broths or soups and so on. I put a few in a veg broth I made and they really gave it a kick! The heat isn't overpowering, just nice and there's a lovely flavour too. The tub is massive and will last us for ages, a great buy!

Lovely with fruit cake

Really tasty thinly sliced with rich fruit cake. Creamy and crumbly

Just Delicious

I love Taste of the Lakes products, particularly this bacon and the smoked.
Just had it today for tea. Grilled in sandwiches with mushrooms. So tasty and fantastic quality.

Firm and Fresh

I've had these melons before and every time Delifresh bring lovely delicious fruit.


Lovely juicy prunes - they go well with the porridge oats and also in a fruit cake. Great value too.


I have bought these before and they make delicious porridge!

Tasty Nuts

Large, with few broken pieces. Very tasty. Good value for money. Add them to my cereal in the morning for a crunchy, healthy treat.

Great yoghurt

I absolutely LOVE this yoghurt!


Very nice



Delicious, great value.

A really good value product, lots of meat on them. Cooked them in my slow cooker with red wine and herbs for a delicious birthday meal and the meat just melted in our mouths. Will definitely buy again

Temptation in the fridge

Love this product. Excellent cheese, great value but too tempting. I'm inclined to have a slice every time I open the fridge. Not good for the diet 😉

Excellent quality and service

Very happy with my purchase of this oil. Very versatile and will hopefully last me at least a month 😊

Sliced Silverside of Beef

Wonderful ... tender and tasty as usual