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Sheer Gluttony!

Have now bought these twice in a month. They are absolutely delicious. I haven't tasted Queenies for several years and these took me straight back to the Hebrides. They tasted of the sea and just lightly fried in butter, magic took over and we were both in our element with this delightful fresh salty and buttery delicate taste. More please!

Gammon Joint x 2kg+
Ruth Heatley
Crowd pleaser

Simmered in apple juice, vegetables and herbs for a family christening. Everyone enjoyed and said it was the best they have had.
Beautiful flavour and fell apart it was so tender


Easy to cook, tasty but personally I would have
liked a little bit more Peri peri seasoning. Would buy these again.

Tasty and moist

Lovely flavour of garlic. Very moist when cooked lovely with new potatoes.

Excellent Burgers

Really enjoy these burgers. Very good cooked in the oven, so no need to watch them. Quite large, but he right thickness.

Restaurant quality!!!

Really smooth and creamy. Works great with toast or crackers. Pairs well with chutneys such as caramelised onion or apple. Much better than the standard stuff from a supermarket.

Nice, tasty cheese

It’s a good all rounder as melts well and makes a nice sandwich. Flavour profile is hard to describe other than to say it is a really good cheddar. Whether the cheese tastes of caves I can’t say as never licked one but if a cave tastes like the cheese, bring on the licking!!!

Delicious and healthy salmon steaks.

As a non meat eater it’s great to have a good range of fish to choose from at MyDelifresh. Excellent quality salmon steaks. I roast mine with a soy and smoked paprika topping and serve with roasted sweet potato wedges and corn on the cob. Quick, delicious and healthy.

Fantastic sword fish

These are the most succulent, flavoursome fish steaks I’ve tasted in a long time. I had a job on keeping my cat from stealing the whole thing! Absolutely delicious, I will definitely be buying these again!

Delicious and tasty

Try cooking these in gravy rather than the usual grilling. It becomes a very upmarket goblin burger. Delicious.

On the ball

I used these with spaghetti in a spicy tomatoes sauce. Very tasty. This is my second order. Will order again


Beautifully fresh every week. Absolutely love them.

Chunky Pasty

Really nice pastry with chunky, spicy vegetables. We had ours hot and they made an excellent lunch.


We would certainly buy these again. Very tasty, tender chicken, probably best served simply with potatoes and steamed vegetables. Enjoyable meal.

This is the answer

Want to make raspberry sorbet with out all the waste and washing up? This is the answer. Want the smoothest sorbet on the planet? This is the answer. Want to use a fraction of the sugar, and lose nothing on flavour. This is the answer.

Wensleydale cheese

Always nice to know where our food is coming from, and the more local the better, so Wensleydale cheese is just the best

Chocolate pellets

Have ordered these several times, use them in biscuits, buns, cakes, as decoration, and if you just fancy a bit of chocolate - a couple on their own (or more) can just hit the spot. Well its better than having a whole bar of chocolate


family enjoyed this bacon,was really delicious along with eggs bought at same time. Will purchase again.

Handmade UK Chicken Kiev

Large chicken breast with a crispy coating. The meat was really tender and the garlic butter remained on the inside. Really delicious. It will not be the last time these are bought.


This has a lovely flavour!

Thank you!

The wife said .ver fresh .lovely with green beans and new potatoes

Thank you very much Gary!

Salmon En Croute

Sorry forgot to say had this with baby new potato, asparagus and cauliflower

Pleased to hear that you enjoyed it!


Just about to purchase another for three orders in a row. This is not only juicy and delicious but is a very reasonable price for the size and quality that you get. We'll keep on coming back again and again!

Really pleased to hear that you love them!


Bought these a few times and they're great! Just a question though, since they are hollow/have a hole through the middle, should I be standing them up vertically to allow air to flow through the middle? Or does it not matter?

Really pleased to hear that you are happy with them!

They can be used either way :)


These muffins are delicious, they are light and very chocolatey. They also contain chocolate chips.
I would highly recommend them!

Really pleased to hear that you enjoyed them!