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Tender and tasty

This is so easy to cook and very good value. One of our favourite cuts of pork.

So fresh

I cut into the wrapper of a pork pie and the freshness just hit me. Moist and meaty, crust perfect, the taste superb!
The best shop bought one I've ever enjoyed and I've had a few!

Perfect asparagus

made a nice change to have something different with a meal. It was perfect!

Pleased to hear that you enjoyed the asparagus!

Tasty salmon

simply delicious,would recommend.

Really pleased to hear you enjoyed it!

Good fruit

Good value and not sour as those from the supermarket often are. Great to keep in the freezer so I've always got some fruit to go on yoghurt, ice cream etc.

Thank you very much, really pleased to hear that you enjoyed it!

Lovely legs

Really enjoyed this. Very tasty and made a quick and easy meal for two.

Fantastic news! Thank you!

The best sunday roast chicken

I rub a little salt and cajun rub but honestly it would great on it's own. Tender and amazing

Love that! Really pleased to hear that you enjoy the chicken!

Versatile uses

As someone who can't have garlic and onions, this is a great substitute. It can be whizzed in a processor with a bit of garlic oil to make garlicky stock cubes that freeze easily in an ice cube tray (probably not one to re-use making ice for your favourite drinks without a good clean!)

Really pleased to hear that you could enjoy the wild garlic, love that!


Very tasty and easy addition to several meals we make, good stuff!

Really pleased to hear you enjoy it!

Lemon infused virgin oil

Makes a salad come alive

Pleased to hear you enjoyed it!


Not the best gammon steaks. Very tough and tasteless.
Nothing like the illustration. They were half moon steaks cut thick and shrank considerably when cooked.

Sorry to hear this. We haven't heard this before or experienced any shrinkage when cooking, how are you cooking them?

Ten out of ten

Kids loved these and want them again

Amazing news!



Thank you!

Lovely local oil. It suits all our requirements. Excellent value.

Thank you very much :)

Hello Mee - Halloumi

Does exactly what it says on the tin but its not in a tin.

Best Halloumi we have had outside of Barcelona. On my favourites list.

Thank you!

You won’t find better.

This is an outrageously good product. There’s next to no waste, very little fat and a full on umami aroma as it cooks. It’s great for Thai noodle dishes, pork and apple sandwiches, mash n gravy, Mexican wraps, or go posh with braised red cabbage, sultanas and calvados. All the hard work is done for you, just pop it in the oven with a baking apple and two little spuds and you’ve got dinner in half an hour.

Wow thank you so much Eliza! Loving the suggestions too!

Pudding Power

This is lovely, My husband Pete loves his Puds so i tested him with this one. He gave it 3 thumbs up so we will deffo be buying again.

Thank you very much!


These were disappointingly nothing special. Tasted very processed.Very much like the Butchers Choice sausages in your average supermarket which are cheaper due to their less meat content. Give me a meatier sausage any day -- at least 90% plus.

Sorry to hear that you weren't a fan, these are hot dog style rather than a normal sausage

Very Tasty!

The bread is very tasty!

Thank you Christine!

Peeled Garlic cloves

brilliant product great service.

Thank you Paul!


We all love this honeycomb

Amazing news!


Excellent cheese.the best cheese I’ve tasted

Wow thank you very much Lynda!

So Meaty

Excellent quality and just so meaty. Very tender, the meat fell off the bones .Good buy an d will definitely buy again.

Thank you very much Don!

Smoked Salmon

Really great product, fresh, tasty and the smoking is just right. Really firm fish and adds so much to whatever you use it in. Would recommend this product for anyone looking for that extra lift.

Really pleased to hear you enjoyed the smoked salmon Andrew!

Cider vinegar

First time that we have had this brand from you. May yet rate 5star but only just had briefest taste. All the other ones have been CIDRE, implying that they are French. They have always been great so have no reason to suppose that this will not be of the same high quality.

We hope you enjoy it :)