Our Suppliers

Taste of the Lakes

We have been working closely with Taste of the Lakes for over a decade now, they produce some of the most fantastic meat products and have developed their range with us to now include bacon, pancetta, smoked chicken breast, sliced ham, pork belly, pastrami, terrines and more! Based in the Lake District, this family run business are true artisans and we're really proud to work with them. Their award winning produce has been featured on the menus of many hotels and restaurants and now you can get it delivered to your door! 

Have a look at their amazing produce here: 


Dama Cheese

There's more to our Squeaky Cheese than you might expect! Yorkshire Dama was started by a family who made a new life for themselves in Yorkshire following war in their home country of Syria in 2012, Razan combinded the best of Yorkshire dairy and her love of her favourite Syrian ‘squeaky cheese’ to create a truly amazing cheese!  

We have worked with Razan and her team for many years now and, over that time we have seen the inclusion of more amazing flavours which enhance this wonderful product! 

The Tomlinsons

The Tomlinsons are a fantastic family who run a farm in Pudsey, West Yorkshire. We've worked with them for many years and are able to have their amazing fresh produce picked from the field and delivered to your door within 24 hours! Our Kale, lettuce, khol rabi and more are all grown here as well as the amazing Forced Rhubard which they grow. 

The Tomlinson's have been growing rhubarb in the traditional way for four generations. This labour intensive crown is hand lifted and brought indoors to create the sweetest rhubarb on the planet. Check it out below! 

Wharfe Valley Oils

The Kilby family are third generation farmers who have been farming in Collingham Yorkshire since the 1960’s, Wharfe Valley take their name from the beautiful and extensive Wharfe Valley area within Yorkshire.

The local free draining fertile limestone soil on the farm produces a prolific rape crop from which the team produce the finest rapeseed oil in the north.

With its velvety and deep flavour profile this is one of the best rapeseed oils but stop there!

With the help and commitment from Delifresh we are able to offer flavoured oils such as lemon, chilli, smoked even coconut infused. These flavoursome and unique options enabling you to be even more creative with this healthy locally pressed oil.

Northern Bloc

Northern Bloc make Ice cream like no-one else - they are pioneers who love ice cream. Starting their journey with just a van and a passion. They now have much more; A lab, a chef, an amazing team, and their kick-ass vegan and dairy ice creams, sold in restaurants and now, to your door!

The Cotswold Pudding Company

Karen Laggett and along with her partner, Jonathan Harwood, started The Cotswold Pudding Company back in 2007. 

They began selling puddings at Stroud Farmer’s market which was an excellent way to see if people liked our products. Luckily they did! Once they had established a firm customer base, they slowly began to supply independent retailers throughout the Cotswolds and eventually beyond. 

They are still a very small concern, with Karen doing the baking and Jon dealing with the packing and deliveries!

Shepherds Purse

Shepherds Purse began in the late 1980’s when Judy Bell, discovered her passion and talent for cheese making as she set out on a mission to create quality dairy alternatives for cow’s milk allergy sufferers. She won their first Gold award in 1989 with Olde York at Nantwich International Cheese Show and awards have been an important part of Shepherds Purse since.

In 2017 their amazing Harrogate Blue won Super Gold at the World Cheese awards and being named in the top 15 cheeses in the World!They have grown organically over the years which we have worked closly with them throughout. Having started by making cheese only from sheep milk, they now have extended their range to include cow's milk and even water buffalo milk!

Annabel's Strawberries

British summertime is renowned for being a tad gloomy at times as a damp and somewhat cool climate can make the summer months feel long and uninspiring - but not this year as the most luscious and truly delicious fruits have arrived from the fantastic team at Annabel's Deliciously British.

Annabel Makin has been working hard to reinvent the British strawberry, ensuring maximum sustainability and the most exquisite flavour possible from the only fruit on the planet with the seeds on the outside!!!

The Malling Centenary, Elsanta and Triumph varieties are packed full of sophisticated flavour and beautiful vigour, offering the most excellent strawberry experience ever seen. These most inspiring varieties are gently hand-picked from Sturton Grange farm nestled in the countryside to the east of Leeds.

A family run farm, in the heart of Yorkshire bringing the ability to supply fruit from vine to kitchen in under 24 hours – How amazing is that ??

It's not just the fruit that's fantastic the ethos and values the team work towards are strong, bringing innovation to recycled packaging and full sustainability around the growth/supply of fruit along with support for a charity close to the heart of the business.

There is no doubt that Annabel & team are passionate and truly remarkable in all they do, working closely with Delifresh for over several years it's great to see the business move forward in excellence every single growing season which arrives.

Jones Pies

Jones Pies was started in the back of a Yorkshire Butchers shop in 1988 and since then has gone on to be renowned for it’s fantastic range of pork pies, pies, sausage rolls and pasties!

The business grew in the best way possible – people ate their pies, loved them and told someone else – who in turn tasted them, loved them and told someone else! 

Other shops wanted to sell their pies and this combined with winning award after award has led to making over 60,000 pies every week from their very own accredited bakery. Their team of skilled Bakers and Pie Makers work six days a week to make sure the memorable taste experience is baked and delivered fresh daily.

Jones Pies stay true to the good old fashioned ways of making a great Pie. Every pie is hand crafted using the best meat and the best of local ingredients – from Ossett Ale in the Steak and Ale Pies to the Bury Black Pudding Pork Pie!

Bracken Hill Yorkshire Preserves

Bracken Hill Fine Foods is a family run business, and one of Yorkshire's best known preserve makers. Boasting a huge range of delicious preserves we pride themselves on producing lines to suit all tastes.

After 20 years making preserves for other people they decided to 'go it alone' and produce only the highest quality preserves using the finest ingredients. With the help of his wife Gill, Bracken Hill Fine Foods was born and their son Peter joined them two years later.

Their own orchard at Sutton-upon-Derwent has a history dating back to over 100 years, and many of the old trees are still fruiting today!

The flavours of these old fruits are so much better than more modern varieties. Try their preserves to find out for yourself! They buy soft fruits from 3 local Farmers and even the chillies are grown locally!

Since launching in 2004 their preserves have won awards across the range every year since!

Truffle Hunter

As the name implies the team at Truffle Hunter are masters of sniffing down the finest truffles from around the globe ensuring we all have the opportunity to learn and utilise one of the world’s most fascinating and intriquing ingredients.

Truffle Hunter don’t just offer a developing range of fresh truffle the team actively create finished truffle infused products such as truffle carpaccio, truffle paste, double strength truffle oil, truffle honey, cooked truffle, truffle salt, truffle mustard in fact if it involves truffles they will produce it.

Stamfrey Farm