Smoked Chicken Breast x 240g


This isn't raw chicken its fully cooked and ready to eat. The flavour of this utterly moist smoked chicken breast is totally mind blowing.

Slice it thinly and taste the delicate smoke as it excites all it touches (hand made by the team up at Taste Of the Lakes)

The best smoked chicken on the planet is here!!!

Check out our recipe video for Smoked Chicken Tarragon Jus to see how we use the Smoked Chicken and what it pairs well with!

Sold individually.

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smoky chicken

The first time I ordered this I was surprised when I saw it, however it is very moist and tasty and I have already ordered it again. My only criticism would be that it is difficult to slice for sandwiches.

Pleased to hear you enjoyed it!


Absolutely delicious!

Really pleased to hear you enjoyed it!

Always buy

Always purchase this in my order.
Good size and very tasty.

Glad you enjoy it Darren!

Smoked chicken brreat

Had this in a salad and it was great, very moist and tasty. Very large portions, we had one between us I'm going to use the other one in a quiche with some asparagus

Really pleased to hear you enjoyed it!

Very, very highly recommended...

Smoked chicken? Something that we discovered on a lunch out, some time ago: delicious in a sandwich with chutney/ Florida salad/ coleslaw, etc. We tried the smoked chicken from DeliFresh a few months ago and really enjoyed it, so we thought we'd buy some again, unsurprisingly finding it very, very tasty as a salad meal, too. A second portion is in our 'fridge, but I can't imagine that it will remain uneaten for long. Very unlikely to get close to the (good and long) use by date before we sample it again...

Really pleased to hear that you enjoyed it!