Gravadlax x 200g


Gravadlax with mustard and dill sauce is one of Sweden’s most famous dishes. Over the years it has gradually grown in popularity in the UK so that nearly all supermarkets stock it these days. BUT You wont find at the Supermarkets anything close to what we have!

This is simply a must try which is bespoke made by the team at Harbourside for us at MyDelifresh!

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Have been making my own gravad laks for 40 years having learned to make it when I lived in Denmark; this is the closest shop-bought version to the traditional recipe I have come across. Good texture, size and flavour. Make some mustard and dill sauce to accompany it and the dish is complete.

Wow that's lovely to read! We're so happy to hear you enjoyed it!


When I first served this yesterday it was fine, and we put the rest in a storage container in the fridge. Today it’s so over-salty it was really not nice, I’m not sure we’ll eat the rest even tho it’s not cheap it may have to go in the bin.

Hi Isla, this is strange to hear. Could you email us with some information on how it was stored, your order number and if possible any pictures or packaging information so we can look into this and flag with the supplier if needed as this doesn't sound right


This was delicious, you should start selling Dill, Honey and Mustard dressing to accompany it. Served it with homemade bread, what more can you ask!

Thank you! We will add these to the product requests!


Super tasty, arrived packed with ice bag for freshness, enjoyed with cream cheese and rye bread

Awesome news! Really pleased to hear that you enjoyed it!

Great Gravadlax

The first time I had Gravadlax was some years ago in Copenhagen, in Tivoli Gardens I think, and I absolutely loved it. It is, alas, very difficult to track down in this country so imagine my delight to see you supplying it. That we had at Christmas was superb...... a great starter to any meal, and I expect the same quality from this delivery. My wife hadn't tasted it before (she usually had steak when I had it) and was over the moon with it..... as she said much fresher tasting than smoked salmon, a very different and distinctive product. Excellent .

Pleased to hear that you were happy to find it and enjoyed it! Thank you for your lovely feedback :)