Chocolate, Whittakers Dark Orange Honeycomb Bites x 150g **£4.19 inc VAT**


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Rich dark chocolate & crunchy honeycomb pieces infused with natural Orange oil in stunning 100% recyclable packaging. Each sharing box contains 32 individually flow wrapped chocolates.

**4.19 inc VAT** - Sold in a 150g box.

Customer Reviews

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Aitch Jay
Our Sunday Treat

We love these and have bought them a few times. Unfortunately the last two times I have ordered they have been out of stock, so we are getting withdrawal symptoms!! Ordered them again for this Sunday’s delivery, so fingers crossed. They are a lovely quality dark chocolate with a burst of orange and the honeycomb crunch, very nice. We have two or three after Sunday dinner to round off the meal, perfect.

Really sorry to hear they've been out of stock! I'll cross my fingers for you to get them this week!

A & R

Rich dark chocolate with the taste of orange and then a crunch of sweet honeycomb to contrast. Wonderful!

Really pleased to hear you were pleased with the chocolate!

Sue Barron

Had in mind it would be like little crunchies. Have to remember the restaurant connection..these would be good with your coffee at the end of the meal. Not so much an indulgent treat

We've had lots of people loving these honeycomb bites as treats :) Sorry to hear they weren't what you expected them to be

Hazel Chadwick
Fabulous Treat

These honeycomb thins, are very,very good. The dark chocolate has a lovely smooth taste and is complimented by the crunchy honeycomb and the orange which lasts. They are satisfying, you can get your chocolate hit without having to eat the whole lot. A most delicious treat. If you like dark and crunchy chocolate, I would highly recommend them.

Thank you very much! Really pleased to hear that you enjoyed them!

Dark wonders

Delicious bites of a dreamy dark chocolate with tiny treats of a crunch of Orange honeycomb. A lovely treat or just to eat. Haven't quite made my mind up yet.

Pleased to hear that you loved these, we love them too! They don't tend to last long!