Valentines Cook Along.

Welcome to the AMAZING Valentines - Cook Along - How exciting is this ???


This is our first cook along where the box is delivered with all the goodies inside along with the recipe cards and everything you need to create a magical three-course dinner for two.


Watch out as we will be launching more and more of these as we roll through the next few weeks - Just think Mothers Day, Easter even Sunday Lunch or a cheeky dinner in for two we will have a box to match - but its the videos with full step by step instructions which make this super exciting.


These boxes will bring out your inner chef, and in this one, your skills will excel in creating a magical, romantic meal for two for VALENTINES.


Grab the box of goodies we have sent you and get ready.


*Things to note* - Take your time to watch the videos beforehand separating the ingredients for each course - Make sure the dishwasher is empty :-) - You will need to source a splash of milk, olive oil (vegeterian) and maybe some white wine (wine not essential)


Watch the intro then select the correct video depending on what dish you are preparing.


All videos will be uploaded by Friday noon - So if yours isn't here yet DONT PANIC

Video 1 - Intro


Video 2 - Mushroom Risotto With Herb Creme Fraiche


Video 3 - Pan Seared Fillet Steak, Confit Garlic & Dianne Sauce


 Video 4 - Heirloom Tomato Tart With Grilled Yellison Farm Goats Cheese


Video 5 - Sauteed Winter Fruits

Robert Ramsden


Robert Ramsden

Great video! You made it all seem really easy! Really enjoyed watching it and having a go at cooking along with you. Thank you!!

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