Future Delivery

Future Delivery

We open slots up to seven days in advance if you require a date past this period please use this service.

We keep the slots closed due to reasons around seasonality, pack sizes and availability.

Although the slots are closed you can now register your slot for future delivery right here :-)

To register and confirm a delivery slot which is in the future please click the button below

 Entering your details will alert you when your desired delivery slot has become available.

  • This is only a notification service – your order still needs to be placed and put through within the time frame of delivery                        
  • Please ignore the timing of 12am - 1am this is just to book the actual delivery date.
  • Booking Slot Feature is not post code specific – delivery dates to specific areas may vary. please Check with our customer service team mydelifresh@delifreshltd.co.uk for available delivery dates

Once alerted simply log back into MyDelifresh compile your shopping and book your delivery slot as normal.

Thanks for the support

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