Competition Time

Competition Time


Want to win your dad an AMAZING speciality hamper worth over £100 this Father's Day??


All you have to do is place an order for delivery on Sunday 20th June, then either leave a comment below on this blog post or head over to Facebook/Instagram & leave a comment starting with your #Order Number, which is due for Sunday 20th June.


It's not that easy, though; as well as your order number, tell us your favourite dad joke... 


We have THREE hampers worth over £100 filled with our Father's Day favourites to giveaway!


All entries will be randomly selected on Thursday, 17th June, with the winners announced on social media and via email.


The LUCKY winners will have their hamper delivered with their order on Father's Day - How exciting is this?


What better way to make your dad's special day than with a laugh and a hamper full of goodies!


Contents Include 

Beer, Steaks, Snacks, Chocolate, Treats, Cheese, Wine all the nice things (we may even put in a carrot) 




#Order number must be placed for delivery Sunday 20th June or Monday 21st (DPD Customers) - Order number and joke must be posted on either this blog or selected competition post on Facebook or Instagram - Contents may vary from the above, but they will be EPIC - Order numbers not for the designated delivery dates will not be entered into the draw


Robert Ramsden

Order: #116013

Unfortunately, the dad in our household is vegan, so if he wins this, he’d like some substitutions instead of the steak or cheese (and possibly other things). His noxious “joke” is that he kept claiming that his clothes were being shrunk by the clothes dryer. His “punchline” is: “My bad. It’s not the dryer doing it, but the fridge!”

Robert Ramsden

Order #115841
I’m so pleased I found delifresh delivery. The quality is exceptional and delivered straight to my door. My cooking has improved with these fabulous ingredients. The dad in our house has a favourite joke….
q: What do you call a fish with no eyes?
a: Fsh

Robert Ramsden


I went on holiday to a haunted B&B in France; the place gave me the crepes.

Robert Ramsden

We love our weekly delivery from Delifresh.

When is a door not a door?
When it is ajar.

Robert Ramsden


What does Joe Root have to do when he has a stiff neck?
He has to crick-it

This is a proper Dad joke in our house it is gets told almost everyone!

Robert Ramsden

Did you hear the one about the magic tractor?
It went up the lane and turned into a field!

Robert Ramsden

I forgot to add my order no Order #116031

Robert Ramsden

A hamper would be lovely for my dad. He’s been shielding and so, like many other families, we’ve seen so little of him beyond dropping off food parcels and a wave on the doorstop. He is a fab dad and grandad – always been my rock.

Robert Ramsden
- Sundays are always a little sad, but the day before is a sadder day.
Robert Ramsden

A man goes into a pet shop
“I’d like to buy a wasp please”
“We don’t sell wasps”
“We’ll you had one in the window yesterday “

Robert Ramsden

Why are mushrooms so popular?
Because they are ‘fun-guys’… (That ones been handed down from grandfather to son to grandson 😀)

Robert Ramsden


How does a penguin build its house? Igloos it together.

Robert Ramsden

I have been having deliveries since the first lockdown and have received high quality goods and pleasant delivery drivers. Also good customer service.

Robert Ramsden

Order: #115666

What did one hat say to the other? Wait here, I’m going on ahead.

Robert Ramsden

Son asks ‘Dad, can you tell me what a solar eclipse is?’
Dad replies ‘No son’ 🌞

Robert Ramsden


How do you make an apple puff?
Chase it round the garden.

Robert Ramsden

This would be a lovely gift for my Dad on Father’s Day
What do I get the man who seems to have everything! Lol

Robert Ramsden

Apparently there’s no such thing as a favourite joke as humour is constantly evolving ….

The other day I bought a thesaurus, but when I got home and opened it, all the pages were blank… I can’t find the words to describe how angry I am.

Robert Ramsden

Why don’t eggs tell jokes?
They’d crack each other up. 😂

Robert Ramsden

How did the zebra cross the road?
He used the chicken crossing of course!

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