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During these unpredictable times, we have opened up our inventory of ingredients to be accessible to EVERYONE.

For decades we have been supplying the chefs of the North with the finest ingredients, and now our local community requires help as the retail world is under severe pressure.

Browse our range, which we are updating daily and don't be worried about a food shortage as Delifresh has consistent supply with fantastic quality, at unbelievable prices.

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New Products

With so many new and exciting products landing into our range we thought it would amazing to highlight them all in one area. Browse all our new flavours we have added today here.

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Special Offers

Everyone loves a special offer so with that in mind we thought we would find a home so could easily locate all the offers we are running at the moment.

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Fresh Fruit

Browse our selection of seasonal fruit which hold fantastic flavour and ultimate freshness. We receive daily deliveries direct from the farm you simply won't find fresher fruit.

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Fresh Vegetables

Parsnips, Carrots, Cauliflower, Broccoli the list goes on & on. The freshest selection of vegetables available, we work closely with farmers across the UK all or vegetables are direct from source and fantastic quality.

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Fresh Salad Items

Seasonal salad items are proving challenging to find. We source and select the juicest/sweet tomatoes, crunchy yet fiery spring onions and most outstanding lettuce - Just take a look.

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Fresh Herbs

Fresh basil, coriander, dill, chives, thyme, rosemary the list goes on & on. 

Fresh garden herbs add serious flavour to all they touch, why not make a pesto, or a clever marinade with those most amazing herbs from Thirsk

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Dairy & Eggs

Milk, Yoghurts, Eggs (although they are not from a cow) all in here which are sourced from dairies across the North. Great attention to sustainability is made, and we hold a fantastic relationship with all our producers.

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Bakery Items

The shelves are bare in the supermarkets - Not HERE!!! We have supply of sliced breads, pitta, bread buns, crumpets, bagels and other items.

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Cheese To Tease

Blue, Goats, Cows, Ewes, Soft, Crumbly, Hard, Rich, Luscious, Creamy all these words decribe our AMAZING cheese range. Cheese to simply tease & most definetly PLEASE.

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Charcuterie & Cooked Meats

 If you love air dried meat then your hunt is over as we have an awesoem selection. Along with some fantastic cooked meats like Cumbrian sliced ham, Smoked Chicken, Chorizo and other meaty delicasses

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Home Baking

Are you dreaming of baking your own bread, pastry, cakes, buns or even making boiled sweets ??? Then Dream no more as all these ingredients are here help.

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Fresh Juices

Orange, Grapefruit, Cranberry, Pineapple, Tomato there are too many to list. theres nothing better than some amazing freshly squeezed juice.

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Fresh Fish

In here you can find a selection of fish products that will excite many. Fresh salmon plain or flavoured in many ways along with smoked salmon and other cheeky ideas

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Fresh Meat

All fresh meat is sourced with welfare in mind. Once you place your order we source the meat to arrive into Delifresh the evening in which your order despatches.  This is product which the chefs of the north celebrate - Anyone for a juicy RIB-EYE??

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Smoked Ingredients

In this cheeky selection you will find delicate flavours that have all been kissed by a touch of smoke. This cooking method brings magical properties to such foods jump in and take a look...

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Store Cupboard

Flour, Pasta, Tins of this - Tins of that this section is full of long life and very tasty ingredients which will help you stay fed for years to come.

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Oriental Flavours

Soy Sauce, Rice Wine, Chilli Paste, Noodles, Wasabi the list goes on & on. Forget going to the takeaway create your fast and most surprising dishes.

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Free From

Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free. We have compiled a few ingredients which may help. These products have been created for chefs, and you may not have seen them before - Make sure you check them out.

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Non Foods

Dishwasher salt, scouring pads, toilet paper, blue roll, blue cloths, bin bags - A few essential products that you might be hunting for - Available Here...

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